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July 14, 2017 - Timely Enhancements to PMA450A and PMA8000G Flaghips Audio Panels Since the company is focused on audio control and doesn't have the lusury of supplying the whole stack, PS Engineering is constantly striving to bring as much utility as possible to our audio panels while maintaining eease of use.

March 13, 2017 - Special Mission Aircraft gets Special Treatment with PAC45's MultiTalker. What seemed like an impossible task has now been made easier with MultiTalker. The ability to place various com radios in up to nine unique positions within a stereo headset, changes everything when it comes to cockpit communications.

August 17, 2016 - New PMA8000G adds audio safety factor to the cockpit with flightmate You'll first notice a new intuitive user interface on the front of the PMA8000G. With new backlighting technology, accessing functionality has never been easier. IntelliAudio and a USB charging port are new, but what makes this audio panel unique is flightmate. An internal system allowing the creation of aural alerts

July 25th, 2016 - The all digital PMA450 just got a facelift plus most sought after advanced capabilities. Keeping up with new capability requests from discerning pilots isn't always easy but is always critical for PS Engineering to lead by example. The PMA450A does just that.

March 31st, 2016 - Company announces lower cost for Experimental Market PDA360EX Audio Panel This most advanced audio panel for the Experimental Aircraft owner brings capability that no other audio panel can bring, including an on-board graphics display. And now more affordable than ever..

February 1st, 2016 - Flagship product PMA8000BT now includes IntelliAudio(R) True Dimensional Sound With IntelliAudio(R) first introduced in 2014 with the PMA450, now our most popular audio panel features enhanced radio communications hardware providing True Dimensional Sound..

May 26, 2015 -New PMA7000BT is a Plug 'N Play Audio Panel for all PMA7000 series Since the company's first patent in 1997, PS Engineering, Inc. has been leading with innovation. Now the owners of the PMA7000 series audio panels can affordably upgrade to Bluetooth(R) Capbility.

Feb 4th 2015-Homebuilders have an audio panel for Experimental Aircraft with IntelliAudio® The new PDA360EX brings to the homebuilder the most advanced audio panel for their experimental aircraft that was designed specifically for the experimental aircraft marker.

July 15, 2014 - PS Engineering, Inc. partners with the United States Air Force Laboratories to bring to the GA pilot IntelliAudio in an all new, highly advanced audio selector panel.
  IntelliAudio® provide true dimensional sound to the General Aviation Pilot. Originally developed for Air Force Pilots who must listen to multiple radio transmissions at a time, the PMA450 bring this technology in an easy to use audio panel for GA.

July 18 - PS Engineering, Inc. has added a new dimension to their certified communications systems.
  Recognizing that not all aircraft owners require state of the art WASS navigation capability, the new PAR200 focuses on the "Family Flyer" aircraft that up until now, have had very few low cost solution to their audio and radio needs.

July 11, 2013 - Today's homebuiders are being faced with having to balance price and performance for their avionics suite.
  The PAC15EX bring a full featured audio selector panels with PS Engineering's revolutionary IntelliVox® in a remote mounted unit that uses GRT's legendary User Interface.

March 2011 - For the first time ever, control a VHF Aviation Com Radio from your Audio Panel, saving space, weight, and money.
  Along with our legendeary audiophile InterlliVox® intercom, Bluetooth® interface, and great audo panel capability, the PAR100EX now interfaces to a remote mounted VHF Aviation Com Radio, saving space, weight, and money.

March 2011 - The extremely popular PMA8000B-T, the world's first audio panel with Bluetooth, gets two Brothers, the PMA8000C and PMA8000D.
  The PMA8000C has all of the capabilities of the PMA8000B-T but adds a 3rd comm capability. This allows the addition of an HF radio or other kind of radio. The PMA8000D is a true Dual Audio Panel system, with our exclusive digital interface buss. Bluetooth is also standard to connect wireless phones and music devices.

June 2010 - 25 years of innovating audio control systems by listening to our customers, is what has made us successful. So we want to celebrate this milestone through our "Fan Club"
  Bring a photo of your aircraft panel with one of our products in it and you'll be entered to win a flight with an Aeroshell Aerobatic Team member in the historic T-6.

April 2010 - Another signficant advancement in certified audio control panels, Bluetooth capabilities are incorporated into the PMA8000B-T.
  The new PMA8000B-T has all of the capabilities of the standard setting PMA8000B but now offers pilots with smart phones, like iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm Pilot and others, to connect wirelessly with the audio panel.

March 2010 - It's always been the case for PS Engineering, building upon success to make their audio products better
  PS Engineering continues to show the strength of 25 years in the intercom/audio panel business, with a host of improvements for its flagship, the PMA8000B - Enhanced

February 2010 - 1985 Ronald Regan began his second term and two guys in Minnesota started their dream
  Wanting to design and build avionics, the two friends began what is now regarded as the company that has made more innovators in General Aviation Audio Control Systems then any other company

January 2010 - An EXperimental Aircraft only audio panel brings unprecedented price/performance to the homebuilt cockpit
 PS Engineering heard the voices from the experimental and LSA aircraft community and responds with an audio panel the fits the bill.

November 2009 - The New PMA6000B Gets Upgrades From It's Bigger Brothers
 Gaining from over 15 years of experience, the PMA6000B gets the latest in electronic and mechanical upgrades while bringing the cost of ownership down.

May 2009 - Avidyne's Entegra Rev 9 will feature a special version of the PMA8000B to provide unique integrated capability
  New capability include the ability to monitor standby frequencies on the Avidyne DVX740 VHF radio and allow the Integrated Flight Displays (IFD) to know what combination of VHF coms are selected by the crew on the PMA8000B. This fully integrates the crew's COM audio selection.

April 2009 - Lower Price on the PMA7000B makes upgrading existing KMA24 Audio Panel More Affordable than ever.
 Because the PMA7000B is pin compatible with the King KMA24, the cost of installation is reduced because the existing harness remains the same.

July 2008 - With an integral MP3 Player, no longer will the pilot be without his tunes because of a dead iPod battery
 Having a entertainment device built-in the PMA8000B-MP3, the pilot no longer will need to worry about forgetting his iPod or having music cables thrown around the cockpit.

October 2007 - PS Engineering teams with L-3 Communications to Bring IntelliVox to Smartdeck
 PS Engineering is pleased to announce a partnership with L-3 Communications Avionics Systems to provide the audio control panel for use in their new SmartDeck(r) Integrated Flight Controls and Display System.

September 2007 - Stand Alone Marker Beacon Receiver Joins Product Lineup
 The new MB10 Marker Receiver fills the need where traditional audio panel marker beacon receivers don't fill the requirements or for non-traditional audio panel is required.

July 2007 - New EX Class Audio Panel Announced Exclusively For The Homebuilder
 The PMA9000EX is an audio panel that provides unprecedented capability, including Bluetooth, built-in MP3, and a graphics display.

March 2007 - Eclipse Aviation Selects PS Engineering's PMA500 as Their Audio Controller For Their Avio NG
 The PMA500 remote mounted, digitally controlled audio panel, represents the best of 22 years of single mindedness engineering that virtually eclipses the competition.

October 2006 - Bell Helicopter Inks Deal With PS Engineering For Audio Panel To Be Used in New 429
 Bell Helicopter signs an agreement with PS Engineering to be their supplier for audio control for quite possibly the most advanced light twin IFR helicopter ever created.

PMA8000B Brings New Pilot Programable Configurations and Front Panel Jack
Now the pilot can connect his Ipod, Cellphone, or a audio annunciation device easily and conveniently. With 3 front panel pilot selectable audio configurations, the pilot can customize his audio panel to suit their needs! And now as standard equipment, all PMA8000B comes complete with our Internal Recording System (IRS)

PS Engineering is Revolutioning the Audio Panel - Again
When in 1995, PS Engineering integrated a hi-fi stereo intercom in an audio panel they started  they started a revolution. Now it seems that those engineers are at it again with the introduction of the PMA8000-SR, a complete audio system, including SIRIUS Satellite Radio - Affordably!

OP Technologies Teams with PS Engineering
A relative new comer to the field of the glass cockpits, OP Technologies embraces PS Engineering's  technology in providing a complete aircraft avionics suite. OP Technologies becomes the fourth outside avionics firm to recognize PS Engineering's engineering and manufacturing capabilities.

Honeywell selects PS Engineering for APEX audio panel
Recognizing the expertise and design experience that PS Engineering has gained over the last 20 years, Honeywell and PS Engineering join together to create an audio panel that will meet and exceeds the requirements of their APEX system.

PS Engineering unveils re-invented website
PS Engineering is announcing a fresh look to their website, This Internet location contains valuable resources for the general aviation consumer interested in audio control or in flight entertainment.

Evolutionary new audio Panel - PMA8000 - Plug-and-Play with Garmin GMA340
Get all of the capability of the PMA7000B (and more) with an audio panel that will slip right into the tray of a GARMIN GMA340

PXE7300 is Out of this World - Upgrade to Sirius Satellite Radio
Teaming up with Sirius Satellite Radio, gain access to this satellite marvel by adding the SR option to the PXE7300 - Now lock into your favorite station, coast to coast!

PAV80 Receives FAA STC/PMA with more than 600 Aircraft on Approved Model List (AML)
Bringing affordable audio to the cockpit is what PS Engineering does, and adding capability not before available is our trade mark. The new PAV80 brings it all together, with AM/FM/MP3/MP3Pro and DVD, and to top it off, the PAV80 is multi-tasking!

PS Engineering is selected for first Annual ANNie Award
As one of the most widely read aviation news services in the world, the Aero-News Network often gets to see and work with "the best and brightest" in the world of aviation.

Affordable In-Flight Entertainment Announced at Oshkosh 2002
The PXE7300 is a true general aviation IFE system, designed from the front panel knobs to the rear connector for aviation, it uses best practices and design assurance proven in thousands of our intercoms and audio control panels.

PMA7000B offers more performance and lower price to make it sound superior!
What do you do when you have the best audio panel in the world? You make it better! After nearly four years of production for the PS Engineering flagship PMA7000-Series, the company has rolled a number of product options into a single unit. Called the PMA7000B, this version incorporates the most requested features of the PMA7000M-S and PMA7000MS-CD.

Lancair Certified Aircraft Selects PS Engineering's PRD60
The Lancair Company has selected PS Engineering, Inc. to provide an audio warning system for the Columbia 400. This product provides a voice alert when certain conditions require pilot attention. The application of a voice announcement instead of a tone generator or beeper reduces the time it takes for the pilot to recognize and act on the conditions.

PAC24 High Performance Audio Panel with IntelliVox
PS Engineering announces their first audio control system designed specifically for helicopter, EMS, and Special Mission aircraft. Designed as a KMA24H-71 plug and play replacement, a large list of new capabilities including Com 5 full duplex, 120mW headphone amps and split mode. Interconnect two PAC24s and get a 3rd transmit seat.

PMA7000MS-CD named "Best of Show" at Oshkosh AirVenture
PS Engineering's innovative audio system, the PCD7000MS-CD/PCD7100-R combination, was named one of the "Best in Show" for avionics by Jim Weir and Gail Allinson.

PS Engineering announces audio control compact disc package.
PS Engineering has taken another step in the logical application of technology in audio control. The company has re-invented two of their most popular products and integrated them into a system creating an unprecedented level of synergy.

PS Engineering announces the worlds smallest audio panel
PS Engineering takes the combination of intercom and audio control to the next logical level, small in size, with big features.

Company News

PS Engineering intercom named "2001 Gear of the Year" by prestigious publication.
PS Engineering's intercom systems have been awarded the "Gear of the Year" for the Best Panel Intercom category, by the publication Aviation Consumer.

PS Engineering increases headquarters
Aviation electronics manufacturer, PS Engineering, has added over 7,000 square feet of production area to their 1-acre site in Lenoir City.

Civil Air Patrol to get new PMA7000M-S
The Civil Air Patrol has selected a version of the new PMA7000M-S as the audio selector of choice for their new aircraft and retrofit applications.

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