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Oshkosh Wis. - PS Engineering's innovative audio system, the PCD7000MS-CD/PCD7100-R combination, was named one of the "Best in Show" for avionics by Jim Weir and Gail Allinson.

Each year, Mr. Weir and Ms. Allinson make their personal three hardware and three software favorites among the new avionics exhibited at the Oshkosh 2001 air show. The awards are presented in an Aircraft Homebuilding Forum, where the selected companies provide technical background information for the public.

Mr. Weir is the founder and Chief Engineer of RST Engineering, a longtime EAA Member, and frequent contributor to EAA and other publications. He is an author of over 200 articles on electronics design and avionics. He began RST Engineering in 1974, and has a line of audio products, including popular kit-built systems. Ms. Allinson is a software specialist who makes her picks for the best new software products, while Mr. Weir evaluates the hardware.

PS Engineering president Mark Scheuer said, "We're gratified that our devotion to customer satisfaction, careful design and utility, combined with value, has been recognized." Although we enjoy a good reputation, and the system has strong sales; this award validates our commitment."

"Jim has enormous experience and knowledge, and is an avionics professional in his own right, "continues Scheuer, "which makes this praise all the more rewarding."

PS Engineering's PMA7000MS-CD is an integrated system with audio selector, marker beacon receiver, 6-place intercom, and single-disc CD player. All controls for the player are contained in the audio panel, for an unprecedented level of crew control.

Besides the CD control, the PMA7000MS-CD offers a full-duplex audio distribution for AirCell™, along everybody in the airplane access to the telephone system. There are also four unswitched-unmuted inputs to accommodate the latest in warning systems.

List price of the PMA7000MS-CD System (including marker beacon receiver and PCD7100-R Player) is $2295. A 60-second digital recorder for radio traffic is available for an additional $129.00. Based near Knoxville TN, PS Engineering is a leading manufacturer of general aviation audio control systems, represented by 650 professional avionics dealers, worldwide.

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