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flightmate® - Advanced Digital Audio Recording System found in the

 PMA8000G and PMA450B

Audio Alert System

Digital Scratch Pad

Digital Aircraft Recorder

The PMA8000G and the new PMA450B comes standard with our latest invention, flightmateŽ. This internal digital recording system allows the pilot to create custom audio alerts, create checklists, and acts as a continues loop recorder for primary radio receptions.

With four discrete inputs, devices such as Sonalerts, engine instruments, or other devices that provide a discrete output when a preset condition has occurred, the pilot will hear in their own words, what the exact nature of the condition is.  

These types of alerts can save precious seconds when an anomaly occurs and with spoken words rather than hearing a tones or buzzers. This assists the pilot to quickly interpret and identify what event actually happened.

The second function of flightmateŽ is that is can provide up to  2 1/2 minutes of "Scratch Pad" recording memory. An example on how this digital recorder can be used is can act as an aural checklist. Emergency or other checklist items can be recorded and stored in non-volatile memory.  The pilot can created as many individual messages necessary, the only limit is the 2 1/2 minutes of recording time.

The third function and one that we first invented in 1992, is the continuous loop recorder. flightmateŽ.  will act as a continuous loop recorder that stores  all radio traffic on the primary com. This is very useful when you might not have fully heard the last set of instructions. Instead of asking "can you please say again", you can just press PLAY and the last recorded message will start to play immediately. Up to 8 messages can be recorded.

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