Ps Engineering Aircraft Audio Control Systems


The PMA7000 series are KMA24 pin compatible, only the intercom harness has to be made, existing connector remains. 


PMA7000M - Plug 'N Play replacement to the original PMA6000 series. Comes complete with Bluetooth® 


PMA7000B - A 6 place hi-fi Stereo intercom with IntelliVox®  




PMA7000BT - Same as the PMA7000B but adds Bluetooth® capability. Allows Bluetooth® enabled devices to connect for phone operation of music streaming.


PMA7000H - Same as the PMA7000B but with a built-in 8 passengers intercom plus pilot and copilot intercom positions. Total of 10 places.


PMA7000H-BT - Same as above but with Bluetooth® capability

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