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PS Engineering, Inc. has been innovating audio control systems since 1985, and while the folks at the company are growing gray together over the years, their tenacity and desire to lead the field of audio control system has has never been stronger. It's no wonder why no other avionics company in General Aviation has contributed so many innovations to pilots that solves their audio requirements.

In an effort to recognizing our 30th year of designing cockpit audio controllers, we are announcing two new products that honors the first two products that had such an impact on how pilots looked at audio panels.

So here are the products that proves the owners of our original products and easy and cost effective to make a significant upgrade to their cockpit communications. 

With these new products, there has never been a better time to upgrade your audio system.

And for pilots who one the PMA7000 series, here is your upgrade!

And then there is the PMA450 that has utilizes the same dimensional sound as the USAF fighter pilots use!

Read why Aviation Consumer thinks this 

new audio panel "Impresses" in their product review



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